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kestone starts participation

We are active members of the Keystone Stars program.
Keystone STARS is a quality rating system that promotes quality improvement in early learning and school-age child care programs. A Keystone STARS designation informs parents that their children are in a safe, respectful environment in which they are learning new things every day to support their current and future successes in school and in life.

Keystone STARS provides Standards, Training/Professional Development, Assistance, Resources, and Support (STARS) to its child care providers for promoting continuous quality improvement. Child care providers participating in Keystone STARS receive the resources and training opportunities they need in order to achieve higher child care quality standards.

Quality child care will offer your child a stimulating, nurturing environment which should help prepare them for school and to reach his or her full potential. Quality care environments provide a stimulating, loving atmosphere in which children will mentally, socially, emotionally and physically thrive. The Performance Standards for Keystone STARS quality-rated child care providers are guided by the principle that quality early learning programs are the foundation for children’s success, and investment in the early care and education of Pennsylvania’s children is an investment in the future.

daycare programs


Our Infant Program serves children from ages 3 weeks to 1 1/2 years. The teacher/child ratio is 1 to 4. Each child is assigned a primary care giver who attends to the daily needs of the babies in their group and also provides parents with the majority of both formal & informal communication.


Our Toddler Program serves children from 1 1/2 years to 2 years. The teacher/child ratio is 1 to 6. Curiosity, unbounded energy, and independence characterize toddlerhood. Our Toddler teachers assist children in channeling these abilities.

The first of our three preschool programs serves children from 2 1/2 years to 3 years. The teacher/child ratio is 1 to 9. Two-year olds love their independence. Two of their favorite expressions right now are "No!" and "Mine!". They are very curious and love to explore. The teachers in our 2-year old rooms have created a stimulating and warm environment for your children to grow and feel secure exploring their independence.

have a question?

123 Back to Basics wants to hear your questions.

You deserve the facts on our daycare. That's why we suggest preparing a information sheet. So you'll find the answers to the questions parents, like you, ask most about child care.

Rest assured that you can find quality child care for your family. It takes patience and hard work, absolutely, but it also takes knowledge. Your child is too precious to leave anything to chance.

class birthday party for your child

For many kids, their birthday is their favorite holiday. And why not -- it's a day dedicated entirely to them, complete with cake, balloons, singing and presents. Although many parents stress at the idea of planning a birthday party, the preschool age is actually an ideal time to throw one. Here's how to keep your sanity while ensuring that everyone has a good time. 123 Back to Basics is the ideal place to do it.

first step - meet with teacher

Before you do anything, meet with your child's teacher for approval at least 30 days prior. Many parents feel pressured to turn a class party into a county fair, but it's more likely the teacher would prefer the event to be closer to cookies and punch.

Whether you're planning your child's classroom birthday party or the class holiday festival, simplicity is your best friend. Traditional food, games, and crafts are popular because they have timeless appeal to kids.